Corporate Partners


Virent’s partnership with Cargill predates Virent’s existence as a corporation; Virent’s Aqueous Phase Reforming technology was developed during Dr. Cortright’s research with Cargill at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The partnership continues today, with Cargill as a major shareholder in the company. As an international producer and marketer of food, agricultural, financial and industrial products and services, Cargill works very closely with Virent in exploring and sourcing the feedstocks needed to produce plant-based fuels and chemicals.


Virent and The Coca-Cola Company have a multi-year Joint Development Agreement and Supply Agreement to accelerate the commercialization of renewable and recyclable materials for Coca-Cola’s beverage packaging. Coca-Cola is providing development funding to Virent and establishing a supply framework to support scale-up of its plant-based Paraxylene (PX), trademarked BioFormPX, as a route to commercially viable, 100% renewable and 100% recyclable PlantBottle® PET resin. Virent and Coca-Cola are rapidly progressing commercial deployment under this effort.


Given Virent’s extensive focus on fuels development, Honda has been an important partner given the breadth of its engine manufacturing. As one of our shareholders and collaborators, Honda has given Virent access to expertise and testing resources in both current and future engine configurations, helping Virent confirm that it’s fuels will meet industry and customer requirements.


Shell’s ongoing relationship with Virent has involved research and development of several types of fuel from a variety of feedstock sources. Shell was Virent’s primary sponsor as it ramped up creation of its “Eagle” gasoline demonstration plant, the first of its kind in the world. Shell also spent a full year testing Virent’s gasoline in a European road trial of ten vehicles, with positive results. Today, Shell’s expertise in the petroleum refining industry is assisting Virent as it makes decisions on how best to commercialize its products.

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