Virent Welcomes The Coca-Cola Company as a Partner

Virent is pleased to be working together with Coca-Cola to achieve 100% sustainable, renewable, recyclable packaging for its beverages.

Virent’s plant-based paraxylene, BioFormPX™, is the missing ingredient needed to create 100% plant-based PET bottles. Our technology offers Coca-Cola a feedstock-flexible, cost-competitive route to sustainable bio-based paraxylene which can be used as a direct replacement in Coca-Cola’s existing supply chains and recycling infrastructure.

The Coca-Cola Company has always defined the beverage landscape, and it intends to define sustainable packaging as well. Not only are plant-based plastics a reality, but they make sense – for consumers, for Coca-Cola, for the global economy and our environment.

Coca-Cola’s commitment to recycling, resource conservation and sustainability is a visionary undertaking, and Virent is proud to be with them on this journey.

Virent and Coca-Cola are replacing crude oil.