Virent’s Environmental, Health & Safety Program

Safety is front and center at Virent. The goal of “Providing a Safe, Healthy and Environmentally Sound Workplace” is not only our first corporate objective each year, it is every employee’s first personal objective in formulating annual goals. Our approach to safety is another way which Virent is setting itself apart from the crowd.

Virent manages its environmental, health and safety (EH&S) program with the goal of preventing harm to people and the environment, while complying with all applicable standards. Our EH&S program is based on industry-leading approaches in how we strive for continuous improvement, eliminate workplace hazards, and attract 100% employee participation in meeting safety goals.

Continuous Improvement

To help us prevent and mitigate unsafe conditions, we complete our work using the Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle of continuous improvement. This process ensures the right level of resources and controls are implemented before the work begins.

Eliminating Workplace Hazards

Every employee is trained to detect and report unsafe conditions in our Near Miss/Incident tracking system. This allows us to investigate the unwanted events and address root causes before they lead to more hazardous conditions.

Employee Participation

Each calendar year, as part of their satisfactory performance appraisal, every employee completes at least five activities which improve Virent’s EH&S program. And on average, 37% of employees complete at least ten items! Some employees address an unsafe condition or perform a walk-through audit while others join one of many safety teams in the organization.  All EH&S activities help Virent reach its goals safely and without harm to people or the environment.

Virent holds itself to very high standards across the board and our attitude toward safety is another example of that. We pay attention not only to lagging indicators which are typical for a company our size, but also to leading indicators which govern the safety activities of very large, complex, and experienced companies.

Virent is rising to the challenges faced by world-class companies and safety tops the list every day!