With over ten years’ experience developing technology to catalytically convert bio-based feedstocks to oxygenates and hydrocarbons, Virent is offering its capabilities for contract research and development services. Virent brings a wealth of experience working with other organizations, which was gained through its demonstrated track record of successful collaborations.  Some recent examples include biogasoline production for an F1 race team, para-xylene for a 100% plant-based bottle, chemical kinetics work for another chemical company and biomass deconstruction for aromatics and fuel production.

With its staff of chemists, chemical engineers, and other support personnel, Virent is uniquely positioned to meet your process development needs. Our capabilities are especially well-suited for optimization, development and demonstration of processes employing heterogeneous catalysts.   We are ready to assist with your catalyst development and evaluation, including lifetime studies and side-by-side comparative testing.  We have disciplined work processes that ensure your R&D project is managed carefully and efficiently from start to finish with full confidentiality.

Virent makes a great partner because:

  • We offer 24 continuous lab/pilot-scale testing rigs, which can be reconfigured specifically for your needs.
  • Three demonstration units allow 100x scale-up, while our metal fabrication workshop means we can adapt and modify all equipment in house.
  • A highly trained workforce with an excellent safety record accommodates continuous, 24-hour a day manned and unmanned operations.
  • Our state-of-the-art analytical department has expertise in chromatography, micro-pulse testing, spectroscopy, wet chemistry, physical properties, catalyst characterization and can perform other high-performance microscopic analyses.
  • We manage data through a high-tech data management system.
  • We adhere to the strictest standards to keep your confidential data secure.

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