Virent Biogasoline blended by Shell Into Scuderia Ferrari Race Fuel at South Korea Grand Prix

Virent’s biogasoline has been blended into fuel supplied by Shell to Scuderia Ferrari for the last three races of the 2010 Formula One championship

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Madison, Wis., October 19, 2010 – Virent Energy Systems, Inc. announced today that Scuderia Ferrari will use a fuel containing Virent’s ‘‘biogasoline’’, a biofuel converted directly from plant sugars. The ‘‘biogasoline’’ was produced by Virent at its facility in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

The Virent process uses catalysts to convert plant sugars directly into gasoline and gasoline blend components, like those produced at a petroleum refinery. The sugars can be sourced from more sustainable non-food raw materials such as corn stover, wheat straw and sugar cane residue, or from conventional biofuel feedstocks such as sugar beet, corn, wheat and sugar cane.

The energy content of Virent’s ‘‘biogasoline’’ is the same as or better than premium gasoline and can be blended seamlessly into conventional gasoline. In the future this could eliminate the need for any specialized infrastructure, engine modifications or blending equipment for use by Shell’s customers.

Virent’s technology partner Shell has been working closely together with Scuderia Ferrari all season to develop the fuel supplied, by leveraging the current FIA regulations and continuing to optimize fuel performance. Since the start of the Formula One season in March, the fuel Shell supplied to Scuderia Ferrari has contained a biofuel component made from cellulosic ethanol, an advanced biofuel made from straw. For the remaining three races of the season, the Shell fuel will contain both advanced biofuels.

“We are delighted that the fuel we are supplying to Scuderia Ferrari this season contains a second advanced bio-component” says Dr Lisa Lilley, Shell’s Technology Manager for Ferrari. “This announcement clearly demonstrates Shell’s leadership and commitment to the development of sustainable, lower-carbon fuels.”

“This announcement demonstrates Shell’s confidence in Virent’s catalytic biofuel production processes’’ says Luis Scoffone, Vice President of Alternative Energies at Shell. ‘‘At Shell, we are pleased to work with technology partners like Virent to accelerate the research, development and demonstration of advanced biofuels and we are committed to technical innovation through our motorsport activities.”‘‘We are very pleased to be the first Formula One team to be using two advanced biofuel components in our racing fuel, developed and supplied by Shell’’ says Luca Marmorini, Head of the Engine & Electronics Department, Scuderia Ferrari. ‘‘Ferrari is proud to share the same commitment as Shell, in developing a more sustainable future in Formula One.’’

“This is an exciting opportunity to demonstrate the unique potential of Virent’s BioForming process to deliver high performance and environmental benefits from our biogasoline,” said Lee Edwards, Virent CEO. “The use of Virent’s biogasoline produced at our facility in Madison, Wisconsin in the Formula One Grand Prix championship gives further support and credibility for our partnership with Shell and our commercialization plans.”

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