Chemical Products

Using its demonstration plant in Madison, Wisconsin, Virent is capable of producing the following bio-based chemicals:

BioForm® PX Paraxylene (Link to PDF)

  • Meets ASTM D5136-09 for HP Grade
  • Direct drop-in replacement
  • Conversion to PET and beverage bottles demonstrated

BioForm MX Mixed Xylenes (Link to PDF)

    • Direct drop-in replacement
    • Low ethylbenzene content

BioForm® BZ Benzene (Link to PDF)

    • Meets the most stringent customer purchasing specifications
    • Direct drop-in replacement
    • All customer qualification tests passed to date

BioForm TL Toluene (Link to PDF)

    • Meets the typical industry specifications
    • Direct drop-in replacement

Aromatic 100 Solvent (Link to PDF)

    • Meets typical industry specifications
    • Direct drop-in replacement

White Solvents (in development)

    • Non-aromatic solvent
    • Various grades conforming to typical industry specifications


Samples available, contact us: or +1 (608) 237-8608


For additional information, please see product technical data sheets.

Bio-products Brochure (link to downloadable PDF)

Product Technical Data Sheets

SDSs (Safety Data Sheets)