Diesel Fuel

Diesel is a widely used petroleum distillate fuel that is in high demand around the world. As more and more cargo is moved by road and ship the traditional use of diesel in heavy goods vehicles is increasing.. Automobile companies, commercial shipping fleets, rail operators, metropolitan transportation agencies and manufacturers of heavy equipment and military vehicles are just some of the sectors seeking to adopt sustainable diesel fuel alternatives.

Virent’s patented technology can produce diesel fuel from bio-based feedstocks. Virent has demonstrated this technology at pilot plant scale.  Our technology can use a wide variety of both cellulosic and conventional plant sugars to produce sustainable bio-based diesel fuels which are similar to their existing petroleum-derived counterparts.  As an example, below is the boiling point curves of Virent and conventional diesel fuel.

Because of these similarities, Virent’s diesel fuel can be “dropped-in” to the existing petroleum refining infrastructure, such as pipelines, tanks, pumps and heavy equipment engines of all kinds.

The abundance of conventional plant sugars and potential cellulosic sugars could allow for significantly higher commercial volumes compared to seed oils, jatropha and other lipids.

The chemical properties of our diesel fuel can meet or exceed all the key requirements for petroleum-derived diesel, with comparable cetane, below detectable levels of sulfur, and superior performance at cold temperatures.