Our Technology

Consumers, and the companies who serve them, are demanding sustainable, earth-friendly, cost competitive alternatives to products processed from crude oil. Virent’s technology creates products that can replace over 90% of the products made from petroleum.

Virent is replacing crude oil by creating the chemicals and fuels the world demands through utilization of a wide variety of naturally occurring, renewable resources. Our patented BioForming® technology features catalytic chemistry, which converts plant-based sugars into a full range of hydrocarbon products identical to those made from petroleum, including gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and chemicals for plastics and fibers. Our products are “drop-in” replacements that enable full utilization of today’s existing processing, pipeline, storage and transportation infrastructure. Virent produces its hydrocarbon chemicals and fuels from plant sugars in a few hours, compared to the millions of years required for petroleum.

Our technology is feedstock flexible, which means that customers can choose the plant sugar source that makes the most sense for their situation. We work with conventional sugars as well as a wide variety of cellulosic biomass from non-food sources. Our technology can be utilized anywhere in the world, with any type of feedstock, resulting in energy and economic independence for those pursuing freedom from crude oil.

Our technology is the result of purposeful, powerful collaboration. While we have focused on our core Aqueous Phase Reforming technology for converting plant-based sugars to bioproducts, we have partnered with others for feedstock development and sourcing, product quality assurance, and performance testing. Virent’s technology has been vetted by world-class companies.

How can Virent’s technology help your company replace crude oil?