What is it that makes Virent unique?

IT is Brilliant. Relevant. Collaborative. Exciting. Real. Challenging. Genuine. Energized. Innovative. Driven. Determined.

IT is a topic we talk about a lot around here. IT is what sets us apart from other Madison companies… apart from other biofuels companies… apart from most employers you are ever going to talk to. IT is what makes working at Virent so satisfying… challenging… and FUN.

Andrew Wickizer, Finance Manager & Controller

“As an accountant, it is great to be able to talk about my job and not have people fall asleep! I like to explain how we are different from other biofuels companies, and do it in simple terms so that people can really understand what we do. People get so interested when they realize all of the things that Virent can replace from a barrel of crude oil!”

Dana Hatch, Group Leader – Analysis

“The most satisfying part of my day is when I help the R&D staff by supplying them with useful data. I love being part of the problem-solving process. One of the things I really like about Virent is that I have opportunities to follow interests beyond my job description. I like being part of the process that could someday limit the world’s dependence on crude oil.”

Brice Dally, Senior Process Development Engineer

“Compared to other chemical engineers, I feel I’ve been given the opportunity to make significant contributions that benefit the company. We would all like to believe that is the case in our careers, but it’s really true here at Virent! I never have a dull dayI enjoy working in the lab, being hands-on, and working with such a bright team to overcome challenges together.”

Andrew Held, Senior Director of Deployment and Engineering

“Here at Virent we are working to create big changes for the world, and it is really meaningful to be part of that. As I look at peers outside of Virent, I can honestly say that people here are more engaged, more invested. I have been in my field for a while now, but I can honestly tell you that I am still learning. In fact, learning at a scary rate! I am so challenged here, I love my work.”